Cultural Collisions

Since 2002, I have been working on a series of images I call “cultural collisions”. Prior to that time, a good deal of my work had the natural world as its central theme, represented as vast landscapes from the American West, Europe and Indonesia. Ambiguity of scale, the effects of time and man on the landscape and the fractal qualities of nature were important aspects of this work. Since 2001, I have felt the need to respond to the collisions of people, ideologies and cultures I see daily both in the media and in my travels. The work from that series included here is mostly urban scenes from trips to Eastern and Central Europe, where the wounds from WWII and Communism are still being felt in cities like Prague and Berlin, as well as images from Times Square in New York City. I chose Times Square as a site in some of these pictures to represent the explosion of advertising and signage in America that beckons to us constantly to participate in a world of consumption. From prior visual experimentations I have seen the power of making specific choices with content and then introducing some element of chance. I never know how these collisions will work until I bring the two images together on the computer. The end result is a new singular image that hopefully is appealing to the viewer initially and then challenges them to decode its message.